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Download Minecraft PE 1.16.101

Version MCPE 1.16.101 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Hellish Minecraft Update 1.16.101 for Android with a working Xbox Live : bastion remnants, striders and much more!
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Minecraft PE 1.16.101 – What’s New?

The new update MCPE 1.16.101 contains interesting innovations. First of all, it is worth noting the emergence of a new and hardest material in the game – netherite. According to its characteristics, it bypasses even the diamond, beloved by many players.

Remains of the bastion

Quite a large structure that is generated in the Infernal dimension in Minecraft 1.16.101. However, despite its enormous size, the remains of the bastion are not very noticeable. Indeed, most often this structure appears underground.

Tip: Using the / locate bastionremnant command, you can quickly find the ruined bastion.

The main inhabitants of the remains of the bastion are piglins, hoglins and brutal piglins . The latter are especially dangerous for the user, because they can take a large number of lives in one blow.

In addition to the remains of the bastion, a destroyed portal has also appeared in the game.

Twisted Forest

A new location in Minecraft PE 1.16.101, which can be found in the Nether. The Distorted Forest is a very quiet and mysterious place. This is where the player can find warped mushrooms .

And they are known to be used to tame the strider and scare away the hoglins. Also, the warped forest is the safest location in Hell. After all, only Enderwanderers are here. And this mob does not attack until the user looks into his eyes.


It is also worth noting the appearance of a new mob in Minecraft 1.16.101 – strider . It is unique in that it can be tamed. After that, the player can simply install the saddle on the given mob. And as you know, the strider can walk on lava.

This means that with the help of this creature, the user can safely walk on the lava. And at the same time, you no longer need to spend a large number of blocks to build various bridges over lava lakes.


  • How to get netherite?

    By combining netherite scrap from ancient ruins ore with an ingot of gold.
  • How to tame a strider?

    He needs to feed him a warped mushroom.
  • Where does the ruined portal appear?

    In the normal world or in the Hellish world.