Download god mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.16.0 - 1.20.71

Download God Mods for Minecraft PE and feel the full power of total power, doing impossible things!

Top God Mods in Minecraft PE

These additions make the player almost a real god in Minecraft PE. It becomes practically invulnerable to absolutely any kind of damage . And in some cases, he can even create mobs himself, change the weather and much more. These mods are recommended for entertainment as they can get boring in normal survival.


This modification has a lot of opportunities for the player in Minecraft PE. Here he can do almost anything: create mobs, apply effects, change the weather and more. This will be very useful especially for older versions that did not have commands.

With this mod, you can even enter the browser without leaving Minecraft PE. This is useful as sometimes there can be crashes due to collapsing.

IMPORTANT! The only drawback of this modification is its absence for new versions. But if you download BlockLauncher, you can run it. However, in this case you cannot be sure of stable and error-free operation of this mod .

Armor of God

In this mod, unlike the previous one, there are not so many abilities. But at the same time, the armor of God is added to Minecraft PE. And the most amazing is that she’s a bedrock .

FACT: Thigh is the hardest block in the game. It is impossible to break it in survival mode.

Obtaining this armor in honest survival, of course, will not work, since the thigh does not break. But you can get it in Minecraft PE from the inventory in creative mode . If you put on this equipment, then the player will receive not only immortality, but also effects. Among them will be speed.

It is also worth noting that no new items are being added to the game, only chain armor is being replaced.

Swords of Archantis

This mod adds three swords of the great god Arhantis to Minecraft PE. To create them, you need to melt quartz, two diamond and lapis lazuli blocks in a furnace. Then the resulting gems will need to be combined into fiery rods.

The first sword gives the owner fire protection and regeneration , the second makes the player invisible. The third applies a damage resistance effect.


  • Will you be able to use these modifications in a multiplayer game?

    If you are the owner of the card, it will work. But on servers - no, because they have anti-cheat.
  • What part of the god's armor should be worn to get the effects?

    All armor must be worn, from boots to helmet.
  • How to install the mod if it has the .mcaddon extension?

    Files with this extension are automatically opened when pressed when there is Minecraft PE 1.2 on the device.