Download Sky Wars maps for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71
Heavenly Wars, Edge, Clock and Eight Maps!

Download Sky Wars maps for Minecraft PE and fight with your friends on the flying islands!

Sky Wars Cards – What Are They?

The Sky Wars location is one of the most beloved game modes for Minecraft PE players. The essence of this mini-game is that each player spawns on his personal island.

He needs to get everything he needs and fight the rest in a short period of time.

Whoever remains the last survivor wins.


Map for playing Sky Wars on Minecraft PE, the islands in which resemble the Edge . Each player must occupy the island, after which it is necessary to agree on the time of the game and start fighting. The maximum number of possible players is 10.

Apart from the islands, this location has a rather nicely built center . The first one to get here will be able to get some pretty valuable resources and increase their chance of winning.


This map, unlike the previous one, is based on the work of command blocks in Minecraft PE. This means that Sky Wars will be automated , making the game much easier.

It is also worth noting that on this map there are 6 whales . If the user starts the game without choosing the initial set, then the choice will be made randomly.

The advantage of this location is that after the game ends, the map will regenerate itself.

8 cards

One of the best maps for playing Sky Wars in Minecraft PE. It contains as many as 8 different cards , which are automatically restored at the end of the game.

Each user will spawn in the lobby the first time they enter. He needs to familiarize himself with the rules, then jump into the portal, and he will move to the glass room.

This will start a 10 second timer . After the timer expires, players will be able to start the game. Also on the map there is protection against changing the game mode.

With varnish blocks

This Sky Wars map is distinguished by by the presence of lacquer blocks . Before starting the game, you can take one of the weapon sets. To do this, you need to click on one of the NPCs in the lobby.

Lacquer blocks and chests with random items are scattered throughout the location for Minecraft PE. Also, after each battle, the territory is automatically restored .


  • How do I install maps?

    The contents of the Edge map archive must be moved to the path games / com.mojang / minecraftWorlds. The rest of the maps are imported automatically.
  • How to restore the Edge map after the game?

    It is necessary to delete it and move the contents of the archive again.
  • Is it possible to disable protection in the last card?

    Yes, for this you need to disable the command blocks in the map settings.