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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download for free the full version of the Hellish update Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and survive in the new Nether!

What’s new in Minecraft PE

With the release of MCPE, the Infernal Dimension has undergone global changes. There are new biomes, structures, mobs and more.


With the release of Minecraft, the Infernal World has been replenished with five new mobs :

Title Description
Piglin Has a hostile attitude towards the player, but does not touch him if he is in gold armor. Can bargain .
Zoglin The most aggressive creature from the Minecraft PE update. Attacks both the user and regular mobs.
Brutal piglin A more brutal look for regular piglins. Has the most lives of all the inhabitants of the Nether.
Hoglin A large creature that lives in the crimson forest. It can propagate with crimson mushrooms, but it also has a strong fear of warped mushrooms.
Strider The only tameable creature in Minecraft Completely neutral towards the player.

Remains of the bastion

The Remains of the Bastion is a new structure that can be found in Minecraft PE It is a rather impressive structure.

There are various rooms and even a treasure chest . But you should be careful when trying to steal all this, because the chests are guarded by brutal piglins.

The remains of the bastion are the only places to find the Piglin Piglet Banner.


Quite an interesting block in Minecraft The target emits a redstone signal when hit by an arrow. This can be especially useful in building various tiers and mechanisms.


Diamond is no longer the most durable material in Minecraft PE And the thing is that there is a new and most durable material – net . To obtain it, you need to smelt the ore of ancient remains and combine the resulting netherite scrap with an ingot of gold.


  • How to tame a strider in MCPE

    With the help of a distorted mushroom.
  • How to craft a target?

    For this you need 4 red dust and a sheaf of hay.
  • How to make netherite things in Minecraft

    You should connect a netherite ingot with a diamond item to be upgraded.