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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft for android with working Xbox Live: new effects, change in ore generation, rolling blocks and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft

With the new Minecraft update, the cube world has become better!

First, the world can now be pulled deep down for future updates.

We also changed the generation of ores, now more rare metals will spawn at the level of shale blocks.

In addition, new rolling blocks have been introduced into the game, with which you can make incredible traps!

Rolling blocks

Together with the new Minecraft PE update, the developers have introduced rolling blocks.

At the moment they work with some errors, but you can already use them.

Currently available only from creative inventory.

Of the functional blocks, three can be noted: a katalist, a screamer and a sensor.

The catalist can absorb the experience around him and store it in the future. Now you don’t need to download a separate mod for the storage!

The Screamer can apply a new bad effect to the player.

The rolling sensor is able to “hear” any sounds and transmit them to the screamer, which is subsequently activated.


The developers have added a new negative effect to the Minecraft update – darkness.

This is a complete blackout of the screen, as if the character is slowly falling asleep.

So far, you can only get it when the screamer is activated.

Wild Update Mode

Another innovation in Minecraft PE is the addition of the “Wild Update” mode.

It can be activated when creating any cube world.

The Wild Update Mode includes all the upcoming new items that will appear in MCPE 1.19.

At the moment, only rolling blocks are available, but the list will expand in the future.

Other changes in MCPE

  1. Players no longer have problems moving around after reviving or getting out of bed.
  2. Fixed display of the player on the inventory screen while sliding. Previously, it was off-center and could hide UI elements.
  3. In Minecraft PE, slimes are again aggressive towards snow golems.