Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download Minecraft PE on Android with a working Xbox Live: check out Varden’s attack, apply dirt blocks and mangroves, and look for echo shards!

What’s new in Minecraft

In the Minecraft PE update, the authors from the Mojang team invite players to go to the Dark Depths to meet an even more aggressive Watchman there.

Mangrove swamps will become a source of mud blocks, and treasure chests will be waiting for users in the Ancient Cities.

Items and blocks

Minecraft players should carefully explore the Ancient Cities to find echo fragments there. Such items serve as the basis for crafting another valuable item – Recovery Compass.

A new type of compass can show the player the location of a recent death. If Steve was in some other world at that time, the arrow will only rotate randomly.

Existing blocks have been noticeably improved in Minercaft Bedrock Edition Froglight can no longer be destroyed while underwater. Also this material received additional sounds.

In Mangrove Swamps, players will see dirt everywhere. From now on, flowers can be planted on these blocks, as well as other plants. Do not forget that a new type of wood has appeared in the game – mangrove.


A huge mob that lives in the underground structures of Minecraft will surprise players with a new attack. The developers rewarded Varden with the ability to throw up victims, which makes the fight with him even more difficult.

By the way, from now on the monster chooses its target both among the players and among the rest of the mobs in the game.

In order for the Watchman not to notice Steve, you need to try not to make him angry. If the mob starts to get angry, then you should expect an early attack.

More changes

The Mojang team has added sound effects to Minecraft PE In the Wild Update, you can find new music and additional sounds for frogs and froglight.