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Version 0.15.3 for Андроид
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Download Minecraft 0.15.3 for android : play with the mechanics of riding animals, pistons, new villages and other changes.

Minecraft update 0.15.3 changes

The Mojang development team has finally released a new Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.3 update. It will allow players to enjoy new game mechanics , items and even optimization of the entire gameplay.

FACT: The MCPE 0.15.3 update is the first update for the Pocket Edition, which has its own name – Friendly Update </ em>.

Animal riding

What all Minecraft PE 0.15.3 players have been waiting for has come true. The game now has animal riding mechanics . It will allow you to saddle newly introduced horses and their subspecies, as well as a pig.

In total, Mojang developers have added five types of horses: regular, donkey, mule, zombie horse and skeleton horse.

For to saddle the horse , you need about ten apples that you need to feed it first. And then you should try ride it over and over again . Once you are able to do this, quickly put on a saddle on it.


Another mechanical element Minecraft 0.15.3, which has long been promised by the developers , but was introduced only in this update.

FACT: The first half of the piston arm in the Pocket Edition is twice as thick as the other.

Allows you to create various complex mechanisms . On the example of the PC version, we can already say that new opportunities are open for players.


Thanks to various votes from the Mojang team , it was decided to add three types of villages in the new version of Minecraft 0.15.3. The full list and description of which you can read below:

  • taiga village – a settlement in the taiga world of Minecraft PE 0.15.3, the usual tree in which the developers replaced with dark oak ;
  • savannah village – a settlement in the savannah, where the command changed the usual tree to acacia ;
  • zombie village – an infected village that does not have any doors or torches, inhabited by zombie inhabitants and some of the blocks in the structures have been replaced with mossy ones cobblestone.

Other changes in MCPE 0.15.3

Also, the development team fixed many bugs of previous versions in the Minecraft 0.15.3 update. So in the game there was about 8 critical errors were fixed , which led to abnormal terminations.


  • Are there any differences between pistons and the PC version of the game?

    Visual only: The first half of the piston arm in Pocket Edition is twice as thick as the second.
  • How to get achievements in Minecraft PE 0.15.3?

    Login via Xbox Live and just create a regular world, no cheats or anything else.