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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the free version of Minecraft with a working Xbox Live: study frogs, get the effect of darkness and explore the rock block.

What’s new in Minecraft PE

With the release of Minecraft, new effects appeared in the game – complete darkness. You can also get acquainted with an unusual mob – a frog and explore the rolling blocks, which impose the effect of darkness on the players.


A new effect that appeared in the cubic world with the release of the new Minecraft PE Thanks to this effect, the darkness in the game became even darker.

It has become almost impossible to move around the space around, lovers of caves will literally have to go by touch. Just be extremely careful not to inadvertently stumble upon a hostile mob in the dark.

You can get this effect by disturbing the rock shriker, and remove it like any other effect in the world of Minecraft – by drinking a bucket of milk.


A new mob that came to our world of survival with the release of the Minecraft PE update. Frogs can also be found in real life – in the swamps.

Depending on the type of swamp, the mob changes its color. You can breed an animal using sea grass, but in the near future, the developers of Mojang want to replace it with crickets.

Just like in real life, frogs lay their eggs in the water. From that, in turn, a tadpole hatches, which cannot leave the water.

The whole process of his growing up must take place under water otherwise he will die.

Rock blocks

The smartest blocks from Minecraft update Also, this block is also called a shriker. Rock blocks can store a lot of experience points.

This is due to the fact that they seem to absorb the experience of killed mobs nearby. So it pays to be very fast next to the shriker in order to have time to collect what is rightfully yours.

It is also noteworthy that rolling blocks also work as noise sensors. Players should be as quiet as possible, because the shrieker can transfer all the noise to the guard and then there will be trouble.

Especially if the rock block gives you the effect of darkness.

Technical changes

  1. Frogs in Minecraft PE have added new sounds and increased movement speed.
  2. Removed a bug with lines in door textures.
  3. Fixed movement difficulties after respawn.