Download Gravity Falls map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.13.0 - 1.20.71
Author: Starmy.

Download the Gravity Falls map for Minecraft PE and move to one of the most famous and mysterious towns in the world.

What is the Gravity Falls map about in Minecraft PE?

A long time ago, Disney has released an animated series, the essence of which boils down to the fact that the brother and sister are trying to to unravel all the secrets of the town of Gravity Falls , which is not even marked on the map.

The thing is that two children were sent for the summer to their great-uncle, where they were originally supposed to go through one of the most boring vacations in their life, but something eventually went wrong and they will remember this summer forever.

FACT: The main events of the entire series are somehow connected with the miracle hut, where the children live.

The Minecraft Pocket Edition community was quite quickly responded to the project that was gaining popularity, after which various maps and modifications began to appear .

Wonderland Hut and Surroundings

First of all, it is worth pointing out that if you have ever watched the original work, then on this map for Minecraft Pocket Edition you can also recognize familiar views.

The author tried to depict as canonically as possible all possible details , so that you can find here a weather vane, a fallen letter “S” on the roof of the hut, and even graffiti on water tower.

You can use the creative mode to fly around your surroundings as quickly as possible.

What can you do here?

Using this map for the city of Gravity Falls for Minecraft PE, you can try:

  • explore the entire map up and down;
  • play the roles of various characters using the necessary skins;
  • survive using all the Gravity Falls resources available to you.

FACT: In the main square you can find a stage, a police station and even a shop.

Mystery Sheck

The Mystery Sheck card is an updated replica of the Gravity Falls Wonder Hut . On the territory of this building there is a tourist area with a museum and a souvenir shop.

In addition, the territory building for Minecraft PE has a dining room, attic, office Wall . Here you can also see the Sousse lounge, as well as Dipper and Mabel’s apartments. The reliability of the appearance of all locations is very impressive.


  • Where did the main characters of the series and Steve go?

    You, like the twins from the original, find yourself in a mysterious town to your great-uncle, who is simply called Uncle Stan.
  • Installing maps in Minecraft PE

    If you have a .mcworld file, then just tap on it and open it in Minecraft PE. And if .zip, then safely unpack it along the path /games/com.mojang/MinecraftWorlds