Minecraft PE

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Download free version of Minecraft apk and follow Sniffer to collect unique seeds, and also try to find excavations in a desert biome.

Minecraft Bedrock

With each new version, the game world is transformed more and more, and new items, mobs, and biomes appear in it. This time in Minecraft, players will have an exciting journey in search of antiquities, as well as a chance to get acquainted with an amazing creature.

It is worth noting that users have been waiting for its appearance for a very long time and Sniffer will certainly meet all their expectations.


Now, traveling through the territory in Minecraft PE, players will notice something unusual. A rather large yellow-green creature is constantly sniffing out something and searching in the ground. Do not be surprised, this is Sniffer – the winner of the Minecraft Live voting.

This is a harmless and friendly mob, which cannot yet be tamed and domesticated. But at the same time, you can breed.

Torch flower

To be able to propagate Sniffer, players will need Torch flower seeds. It is them that this animal is constantly looking for in the ground.

If the mob drops them, the player can grow a plant or use them to breed creatures.

New items

In Minecraft PE, new items have appeared and they are somehow related to Archaeology. Now players can use a brush to clean the fragile blocks of Suspicious Sand.

She will carefully remove everything superfluous and allow you to get to the ancient fragments. A total of 4 such parts are available and they, in turn, are assembled into a whole jug, which is perfect for decorating rooms.

New Block

Going into the desert and approaching the temple in Minecraft, players will notice some changes. New blocks will appear next to these structures. They are called Suspicious Sand and are incredibly fragile.

The fact is that they appeared here in ancient times and therefore keep very old things in themselves.


  • Which plant seeds are used to propagate the Sniffer in MCPE

    Torch flower seeds.
  • For can I find Suspicious Sand black?

    Near a deserted temple.
  • What item is used to clean Suspicious And block in Minecraft PE