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Minecraft PE – What’s Improved in the Game?

The Mojang developers have finally released the next version of the Nether Update series. The lower world in the game has undergone global changes.

New locations, creatures and even blocks have appeared. But the most interesting innovation is the ability to set the spawn point right in hell .


Minecraft has five new biomes. The basalt delta and the ruined bastion deserve special attention.

In the basalt deltas, the player will be able to feel the real gloomy atmosphere. Ash particles will fall from the sky.

The destroyed bastion, in turn, is generated from 4 types of structures. These include treasure .

The Pigstep CD and the Piglin banner can be found in the remains of the bastion.


Piglins, hoglins, zoglins and striders – all these creatures appeared with the release of Minecraft PE The latter, unlike other mobs, are neutral to the player.

Striders spawn near lava lakes. They can walk on lava. But their most interesting property is the ability to use them as a vehicle.

FACT: Strider – only tameable mob in the bottom the world.


With the release of Minecraft, a large number of new blocks have appeared in the game. Among them, the most interesting is the Respawn Anchor .

This block allows you to spawn in the nether world upon death. However, unlike a bed, it needs to be charged with glowing stones. Otherwise, the player will spawn in the normal world.

Every time a player dies in Hell, the anchor charge is reduced by one, so don’t forget to charge it.

World Generation

Along with the addition of new biomes, the developers have made some changes to the generation of the world in Minecraft PE

Now, when wandering through the normal world or through hell, the player can notice the destroyed portals . By the way, it is in this location that you can get crying obsidian. Also, gold ore is now generated in the nether world.

Other minor changes

And, of course, the developers did not forget about fixing bugs in Minecraft

  • piglins do not hang on the sides of boats;
  • the sound of hoglin transforming into zoglins plays correctly;
  • destroyed portals are generated less frequently;
  • the lucky enchantment is working correctly.


  • How can you craft a revival anchor?

    To craft this block, you need 6 weeping obsidian and 3 glowing stones.
  • How to tame a strider?

    With the help of warped mushrooms, and then you need to put on a saddle.
  • How to operate the strider?

    For this you need to use a fishing rod with a carrot.