Download mods for cloaks for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.11.0 - 1.20.71

Download cloak mods for Minecraft for Android for free: feel like a real superhero with a variety of beautiful cloaks.

Mod for cloaks for Minecraft PE

Perhaps many did not know, but the raincoats were in the game since Minecraft Pocket Edition Alpha 0.15.9. Sorry, October 7, 2016 it was decided to remove all raincoats .

But the relatively recently released version of Minecraft 1.13.0 , revived them again in skin editor . For those who have the version below, I can not be upset, because a cloak mod has been prepared especially for you.

Features of this cloak mod

  1. great variety;
  2. re textured models;
  3. has a behavior pattern.

You will have over 35 options at your disposal. The cloak is created on the basis of a banner in Minecraft PE, which can be obtained either from the creative mode, or a crafting from 3 threads, 1 leather bib and a banner.

Putting it on you will get a 3D element that will be on your back as much as you want.

Important: raincoats will not give you super strength or the ability to fly, but you will get an unusual and impressive appearance.

Where are they?

Since the mod implies a replacement for one of the most common neutral mobs in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

You can find them absolutely everywhere and in order to use the raincoat, you just need to come up and press the “Put on” button .

How to paint a raincoat?

In order for the white banner to become a cloak with various designs , you need to use dyes and special items .

In addition, it is (regardless of color) animated and looks like the real thing, but without patterns and images.

Items that add patterns:

  • cactus;
  • Steve’s skull;
  • creeper skull;
  • Shulker’s carapace;
  • golden pickaxe;
  • diamond sword;
  • quartz;
  • black banner;
  • cake;
  • bamboo;
  • crossbow;
  • TNT;
  • command block;
  • redstone (dust);
  • white wool;
  • spider eye;
  • Gast’s tear;
  • grass block;
  • trident;
  • block;
  • bone.

Custom raincoats

The author of this mod for Minecraft PE has implemented more than fifty custom raincoats . To select a cape with a pattern you like, you need to go to global resources.

Important: The addon works even in multiplayer game mode.

Then find the mod and click on the gear. Next, select the desired cloak from the list, and restart the game client.