Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk and explore the vast expanses of the boundless world with comfort, use camels to move around the territory.

Minecraft Bedrock

Amazing adventures await every player in Minecraft PE because the cubic world is being upgraded with each update. There are already many different interesting activities available to players, from mining valuable resources to gardening and farming.

The boundless world is fraught with many secrets that only the bravest heroes can reveal. For traveling, the developers have prepared a variety of devices and mobs that will take the player anywhere.

New Mob in Minecraft PE

Players can meet this friendly creature in sandy biomes. To tame a camel, it is enough to feed it with a cactus. And if you offer the same plant to two adults, they will soon have a baby.

Thus, players will be able to breed animals. Use the saddle to ride this creature. By the way, in Minecraft, up to two riders can fit on it at the same time.


The rather large growth of the camel will protect the player from the attack of creatures that conduct close combat, for example, zombies. But for witches, creepers, and others, the hero will still be vulnerable.

Another feature of this mob in Minecraft PE is that it can jump over fences and other obstacles 1.5 blocks high. But at the same time, this animal moves quite slowly.


An interesting application of this plant has become available to players in Minecraft Now you can build anything from bamboo. From a small bungalow to a full-fledged house.

By the way, the unique texture will make such a building very unusual and interesting. Create not only building blocks but also boards, fences, doors, and steps. It will be a completely new experience for every cube world user.


  • How high does a camel jump in Minecraft PE ?

    By 1.5 blocks.
  • How to tame a camel in MCPE

    Feed a cactus.
  • What material has become available for construction?