Download the map to the pillars for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.81

Download pole maps for Minecraft PE and try to build the longest tower!

Pillars – What is this game?

In essence, it is very similar to hide and seek in Minecraft PE, but has its own distinctive features. The goal in this mini-game is very simple: build the tallest pillar . But this is not so easy to do, since you will also have to find blocks to build.

How to play?

This Minecraft PE game requires at least 2 players . When you appear on the map, you will notice chests. It contains wool with a pickaxe. After collecting all the things, you need to agree with your friend about the period of time for which you need to hide everything.

TIP: Use an invisibility potion to prevent not to see each other </ span> while hiding blocks.

Then you should return to the starting place. During the same period of time, it is necessary to find as many enemy blocks as possible .

The winner will be the one who collected more blocks and, accordingly, who has a higher column.


Naturally, the game is impossible without maps, so we will consider 3 maps for Minecraft PE, which are suitable both for two and for a whole campaign of friends.

Large room

Ideal for lovers of quick play . At first glance, this is a completely ordinary room, but if you examine it, you can find numerous secret places.

This map was originally intended for playing hide and seek in Minecraft PE, so you can play this minigame on it too.


An area with old wooden houses and a comfortable atmosphere.

City of Dreams

The name of this world speaks for itself. Here you can not only have fun with your friends, but also enjoy beautiful modern buildings in Minecraft PE.

Unlike the previous ones, this card has a wider size, so it is recommended for a rich game invite two more friends .

This world will have to be installed manually, since it does not have the .mcworld extension and is in the archive.

Park Universal

The pillar map shown is a copy of the Universal Studios amusement park. The size of this territory is quite large, which is very important for such mini-games.

Info: This park has rides for Spider-Man, The Walking Dead and Ghostbusters.

In addition, this location for Minecraft PE has its own Universal Coin currency . With its help, you can ride any attraction.


  • Will the map work on older versions of Minecraft PE?

    Yes, there are 3 maps to choose from, covering even older versions.
  • How to start over after the game is over?

    It is recommended to simply reinstall the card. It takes very little time.
  • How to install a map if it has a .mcworld extension?

    You just need to click on it and Minecraft PE will import the map itself.