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Download the map for Modern House for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download the map for Modern House for Minecraft PE : marvel at the beauty and realism of the buildings in the game and settle in new dwellings, with the best materials and mechanisms!

Best maps for Modern Home for Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE offers tremendous opportunities for all players who are building. It’s not for nothing that there are millions of interesting and beautiful buildings in the game.

They can be either ordinary statues or pixel art, as well as modern houses made in different architectural styles such as high-tech.

Recently, there are an incredible number of content creators, and therefore here you will see a selection of the most beautiful maps on Minecraft PE.

Wooden house

One of the very first buildings in Minecraft PE, created back in 2014 by a player under the nickname Balaj.

Despite the past tense, this is still a modern high-tech house made of birch and oak wood.

Unfortunately, cannot find anything inside . However, this is also a plus, because now you can use the map the way you want, equipping everything with mods or mechanisms.


Quite an interesting and beautiful map for a modern house on Minecraft PE.

Now you can survive in the most ordinary world, using this mansion as your base.

Despite the seemingly not very attractive appearance, inside Minecraft PE players a real spirit of modernity awaits: mechanisms, new techniques for using blocks, and so on.

On this map of a modern house, you can immediately find two floors , on which the following rooms are located:

  • living room;
  • kitchen;
  • playroom;
  • seating area;
  • pool;
  • bedroom.

The author under the nickname FalBuilds invites everyone to try themselves as a designer and improve the existing interior and exterior.


  • Is it possible to remodel a modern home as you see fit?

    Yes, because the authors even encourage this, because because of this, players are better off surviving, and the house gets new colors.
  • Is it possible to start survival on such maps?

    Yes, because some mapmakers create modern houses in the ordinary world.
  • Do such houses contain mechanisms in Minecraft PE?

    Yes, many people try to add at least a couple of mechanisms to their building.