Download Minecraft PE 0.2.1

Version MCPE 0.2.1 for Android

Download full version of Minecraft update 0.2.1 for Android and get familiar with the new flight system and bookcase block, and start growing sugarcane!

Minecraft 0.2.1 – What’s interesting?

Developers from the Mojang Studios team released a new version of Minecraft PE 0.2.1 on March 14, 2012.

This time, much attention was paid to the creatures of the Minecraft 0.2.1 world and various tools for survival.


Finally, in the world of the game, it will be possible to find 3 mobs at once. They are a pig, a sheep and a zombie.

Do not forget that all mobs will spawn in Minecraft PE 0.2.1 only in survival mode.

Pig or sheep will not drop meat, but wool can be obtained from the latter. To do this, you have to use scissors and clamp them on the mob.

Zombies will spawn in Minecraft 0.2.1 only at night, but there can be quite a few of them, which will become dangerous without a shelter.


The development team from Mojang Studios did not forget about the introduction of new tools. Among them you can find stone picks, axes, swords.

Despite the fact that you can even get an item with your hand, it is now better to use a suitable tool in Minecraft 0.2.1.

Shears for destroying leaves and shearing sheep are also added as a bonus.

MCPE 0.2.1 Changes

Another important part of the Minecraft PE 0.2.1 update was the introduction of new blocks and plants.

Thus, a sugarcane and a bookcase appeared in the game.

Cane is commonly used to make sugar. However, at the moment, Minecraft 0.2.1 lacks the ability to recycle it.

A similar situation is with bookshelves. The mobile version of the cube world simply does not have such mechanics. Therefore, at the moment, this is only a decorative block.


  • How to harvest sugar cane?

    It cannot be collected as it is an infinite resource.
  • How to fly in Creative?

    Quickly double click on the button in the middle of the control at the bottom left of your screen and use the jump button as a joystick to take off and land.
  • Where can I find the bookcase block?

    Bookcase added to Creative mode only.