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Minecraft PE 0.12.0 – What’s New?

Finally, the developers at Mojang have released a long-awaited global update. This version introduces new world – hell . You can get there using the portal. Also, numerous items, potions and much more were added to the game.

FACT: This version is the very first update for Windows 10.


In Minecraft PE 0.12.0, you can meet several new creatures at once.

Iron Golem

Is a guarantor of safety for residents in the villages in which he appears. At night, when hostile mobs appear, attacks them. Can be thrown high into the sky. It is neutral towards the player, so it is not recommended to attack him.

Snow Golem

Cannot deal damage as it shoots snowballs. However, getting close to him is quite difficult. In addition, leaves behind snow .

Efreet, wither skeletons, ocelots and zombie inhabitants also appeared in Minecraft PE 0.12.0.


Most of the updates have also touched on items. The long awaited potion brewing has been added. Along with this came many ingredients, and also the flasks and rack . Another important innovation is the enchanted books. You can get them using the enchanting table.


Minecraft PE 0.12.0 now has soul sand, quartz ore, heads, and even an anvil. With the help of the latter, the player can repair his damaged tools. Also noteworthy is another new block – enchant table .

Experience bar appeared in the same version of the game as hunger bar.


And, of course, the most important innovation in Minecraft 0.12.0 is hell. This is a new world that can only be entered through the portal . And that, in turn, is made of obsidian. To activate it, you need a flint, with which you should set fire to the portal.



  • Does food restore health in Minecraft 0.12.0?

    No, now it only replenishes satiety.
  • What happens if you hit a zombie pig in hell?

    They will attack you in a group. But if you re-enter hell, the aggressiveness will subside.
  • Is it possible to somehow make an iron golem in MCPE 0.12.0?

    Yes, with iron blocks and a pumpkin.