Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download free Minecraft with Xbox Live support and try to escape from the zombies that can now break the door.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The developers of the beloved studio Mojang continue to release innovations to the game. This time in Minecraft, many errors of previous versions were fixed and some innovations were added.

The game has updated zombies and wardens, added new music to the main menu, and changed the use of emotions. The version turned out, as always, of high quality and very interesting.


In previous versions, due to bugs, players could use paid emotes for free. But after such actions, the game often began to lag and crash. Now in the new Minecraft PE everything works properly and without errors.

Music in main menu

Also in the new Minecraft we were pleased with the new, free music in the main menu of the game. Previously, players had to turn on and buy the tunes they liked on their own.

Now, in the new version of the game, this option has been made automatic and free. The music will turn on automatically after starting the game and loading the main menu.

Improved Zombies

In the new cubic world of Minecraft PE, the oldest mobs – zombies – have been improved. Now they are even more dangerous.

After all, playing at the highest game mode, zombies will be able to break the door to your house if they wish. This happens with a probability of 10%.

So we advise you to make sure that there is an additional exit before entering any building. Otherwise, this place can become a dangerous trap for you.


Along with the zombies, a relatively new mob, Varden, also received changes. In the world of Minecraft, the monster no longer takes damage from falling from a height.

Even falling from 20 blocks, the mob will not take damage. This makes it even more dangerous and stronger, and survival due to this is more interesting.