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Hello everybody! My name is James Sands and I am the author of the site https://planet-minecraft.net /. By the way, I am an independent expert in the sphere of Minecraft.

With the help of my articles, I help users better understand the game and get the opportunity to change the gameplay on their own.

Also, with these updates, you can greatly diversify the game, get new experiences, and have fun with friends.

I pay great attention to each topic, so feel free to leave ratings and comments so that I can have feedback.

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About me

In real life, I like to try everything new and unusual. For a while, I even worked on a real stock exchange and did an internship at the World Trade Center.

But the world of finance has not been able to interest me enough for a long time. So after that, I worked as a Minecraft tester and was also a social media administrator.

In general, the world of modern technology attracts me more and more every day, and perhaps in the future, I will start a new story in any of its spheres.

James Sands World Trade Center


At one of my previous jobs, I had a great opportunity to explore the cubic world from the inside. Find out how maps, mods, textures, and other updates are created.

This incredible experience became the starting point for creating your website. I tried to make it interesting and diverse so that every user could find something interesting for themselves.


I spend a lot of time in the virtual world, so in reality, I love to move a lot and get adrenaline. My hobbies are everything related to active recreation and sports. I am great at snowboarding and mountain biking, and I love riding my motorcycle.

I also can not imagine my life without traveling and always getting to know the locals. In our free time, my friends and I also like to visit amusement parks to get another shot of adrenaline.

James Sands: autor planet-minecraft


You can contact me in several ways:

  1. personal mail: [email protected]
  2. for site inquiries: [email protected]