Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Trails and Tales

Download Minecraft on android with a working Xbox Live and dig in the new generation.

What’s new in Minecraft PE

The cubic world of Minecraft continues to be updated. With the release of the next version, generations for archeology have been added to the game, signs have been improved, and much more. Mojang studio developers continue to improve the 3D world with each version to make it better and better.

Scalk sensors

Scalk sensors are a new block in Minecraft PE that can measure sound waves passing through blocks. They can signal any sounds passing near them, including player footsteps, lava sound, explosions, and even mob sounds. They are used in conjunction with redstone to create mechanisms that respond to sound.

Calibrated scaling sensors

Calibrated Scalk Sensors is an improved version of Scalk Sensors in the world of Minecraft They can identify and distinguish different sounds. They work on the basis of two types of waves: “tonal” and “noise”. Tone waves have a specific frequency, like musical notes, while noise waves do not have a specific frequency and are more chaotic. Calibrated scaling sensors can measure both tonal and noise waves, allowing them to distinguish between different sounds.


In the new version of Minecraft PE, you can edit signs and write on them on both sides with different colors for each side. In addition, copper honeycombs can be used to protect the tablet from being changed by other players.

Armor decoration

Also in the new version of Minecraft, a new armor decoration was added. Players will be able to create even more varied patterns on their armor. This is done using a special form and any ore. Players will be able to find forms for decorating armor in dungeons.


It is worth noting the new generations in the world of Minecraft PE Players will be able to find them throughout the 3D world. Generation consists of suspicious sand and other blocks. Carry out archaeological excavations on such generations and find valuable items.


  • Why do I need a Torch flower in MCPE

    For breeding a Sniffer.
  • Which biome is worth visiting in Minecraft PE

    Cherry Grove.
  • How can I change the appearance of the armor?

    Using templates.