Download survival maps in a bottle on MCPE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download bottle survival maps for Minecraft PE and try to survive in a limited area and resources!

MCPE Bottle Survival Maps

Minecraft PE players love to set themselves various tasks and survive in difficult conditions. They place maps on islands, sky blocks and more.

Bottle Survival is one such location. Here the player will have to literally survive in a vessel filled with earth.

There are no bottle survival maps for MCPE version 1.16.0.

Part 1

The first map for survival in a bottle in Minecraft PE. The player will appear on the ground in a rather small vessel .

There will only be a couple of trees and water nearby. Near the water there will be reeds and cactus . The player will have to get trees, as well as blocks in order to adjust to other bottles.


There are six vessels with animals on the card: pigs, wolves, mushroom and common cows, chickens and sheep .

These mobs are extremely useful in such harsh conditions in Minecraft PE. From them you can get not only food, but also various drops for creating any things.

TIP: It is recommended to build a tunnel for the movement of animals, as they are crowded in bottles and will immediately fall if you break the glass.

Mossy Cobble Island

This is the most difficult island in the entire map in Minecraft PE. It has several floors, each with a a hostile mob spawner .

It is definitely worth coming here fully equipped and prepared. This island can be useful in gaining experience for enchanting.

Part 2

This map is a continuation of the first part. It features two new islands in Minecraft PE. One of them contains a jungle biome, and the other contains a desert biome.

There is also a rather unusual island on the map, consisting of bookshelves. The player will have to figure out what is inside.


  • How do I install these maps?

    You need to move the contents of the archive to games / com.mojang / minecraftWorlds.
  • Will you be able to play with friends?

    Yes, it will even make survival more interesting.