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Download the full version of Minecraft 0.11.0 for Android for free and run to the reservoir to catch fish!

Minecraft PE 0.11.0 – What’s New?

With this update to Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0, the developers at Mojang have made great innovations to the game. This affected both mobs and blocks, as well as new features in the game. For example, the player can now fish right by the lake using a fishing rod. Effects also appeared.


Most of the innovations in Minecraft PE 0.11.0 concerned mobs. A total of 8 of them appeared.

Cave spider

Unlike common spiders, this species can only be found deep underground. However, it is not as harmless as expected. You should watch out for him, because his bite can cause poisoning .


A new inhabitant of the sea world in Minecraft PE 0.11.0. Are of no particular importance. When the player deals damage they emit ink particles .

FACT: octopus cubs have been added exclusively for the pocket edition.


There are not so many of them in Minecraft 0.11.0 – 2 pieces. The first of these is a redstone block that has no practical application. But the second block replaced the gravel paths in the villages. And the block itself will be called the Grass Path.


Several species of fish were added at once along with fishing. Among them are salmon, common fish, puffer. Also, the player can now notice various tools in creative mode. In addition, new spawn eggs have also appeared in the inventory in Minecraft PE 0.11.0.

A bucket of milk deserves special attention. It removes all effects.


It is the latest innovation in Minecraft 0.11.0. A fishing rod is required for this process. You can build it using using sticks and threads . After that, the player should throw a fishing rod into any body of water and wait. After a fish bites, you need to pull back the fishing rod at the same second.


  • How can I get out of the boat in Minecraft PE 0.11.0?

    It is necessary to reduce the speed, after which the corresponding button will appear.
  • Where can I find a ghast?

    No way at the moment. Possibly in future releases.
  • How can you collect a bucket of milk in MCPE 0.11.0?

    It takes a cow for this. You need to approach her with an empty bucket.