Download dog mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download dog mods for Minecraft PE and find loyal friends who are always ready to protect!

Dog Mods – What are these mods for?

The only and most loyal creature in Minecraft PE is the wolf. They live only in the taiga, so it is not so easy to find them. These additions diversify the game by adding dogs of completely different breeds to the game.

Doggy Style

Adds 6 dogs to Minecraft PE. You can get eggs to spawn with the / eggs command. But these are, rather, decorative creatures, since they are not capable of much. Despite this, these dogs are very cute and will definitely not get bored.

This mod also provides the ability to craft eggs.

Doberman Pinscher

Unlike the previous mod, this one only adds one new mob to Minecraft PE. More precisely, it replaces the wolf with a doberman . But in addition to changing the texture, this dog also gets as much as 5 hearts more lives than a wolf. Another advantage is 7 damage.

REMINDER: The wolf is tamed with a bone. Accordingly, the Doberman too.

More Dogs

Replaces some of the existing animals in Minecraft PE. They can be tamed and even tied with a leash . After that, these dogs will begin to follow the player.

Since the poodle replaces the sheep, it has some peculiarities. You can cut wool from it.

Doggos Galore

Adds 14 new dog breeds to Minecraft PE. They differ mainly in their appearance. However, they are very cute and tiny, so they will definitely not be superfluous in the player’s house. All of them, like wolves, can be found in the tag.

Dogs Addon

You can safely call the best addon adding dogs for Minecraft PE. After installing this add-on, the player will notice a variety of dogs in the game. All of them can be tamed with a bone. Many of the dogs attack in different ways and have different lives. A distinctive part of this add-on is the the ability to put a mask on dogs , thus preventing them from getting infected.

IMPORTANT: For this modification to work, you must enable the experimental game mode.

Walter Dog

The Walter Dog mod brings to Minecraft PE the Bull Terrier named Walter , which is famous in memes. The dog appears in the same biomes of the game as the wolves. In his behavior, Walter practically does not differ from ordinary coyotes.

Famous bull terriers can be tamed with skeletal bones , and cured with raw animal meat.


  • How to craft eggs to summon dogs in Doggy Style?

    Every recipe uses a regular egg. By keeping it in your inventory and opening the workbench, you can see the recipe you need.
  • How can you make a mask?

    The mask is made from blue wool and threads.
  • How to put the mask on dogs?

    First, you need to tame the dog, after which you can put on the mask.