Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download Minecraft on android with a working Xbox Live: use bamboo wood to create buildings, watch the camel’s new abilities and put your books on carved shelves!

What’s new in Minecraft

Players will have to evaluate the changes in Minecraft PE, which was published by the authors from Mojang.

New unusual items allow you to leave messages in the game world, as well as travel on water.

And for those who are tired of familiar characters, the developers have added seven new friends for Alex and Steve.


To appreciate the beauty and functionality of bamboo blocks, it is worth making a raft out of them. Minecraft has the ability to create a similar water transport immediately with a chest.

There are special recipes for bamboo wood, and indoor uses can be very different. For example, you can build steps for a house from this material.

By the way, you can make hanging signs out of bamboo in MCPE.


The game world is more and more similar to the real one, judging by the diversity of flora and fauna. In Minecraft PE, for example, players can befriend a desert dweller that can be ridden.

Remarkably, there are two places for riders on the camel.


An interesting addition to the home will be carved shelves. Minecraft players can place all their enchanted books on them, as well as feathers.

By the way, a comparator will help you determine which book was moved last.

In order to leave a message in the game, you can use hanging sign with any text on it.

Dressing room

It is worth noting the appearance in Minecraft PE of new characters. They can be selected as basic heroes, as well as change their appearance while in the dressing room.