Download train mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.0.0 - 1.20.81

Download train mods for Minecraft PE and travel across the game on locomotives and subway cars!

Best Train Mods for Minecraft PE

These add-ons add various trains to Minecraft PE, ranging from old locomotives and ending with modern ones . Now the player will be able not only to move around the world, but also to examine the interiors of the carriages along the way. It should be noted that the innovations are due to the replacement of existing models.


After installing this add-on in Minecraft PE, you may encounter the absence of chickens. And this is not casual, because all they will now be replaced by trains .

In the forests, you can now see big locomotives instead of chickens walking.

However, such chickens in Minecraft PE will no longer be able to move due to some changes in their behavior. We’ll have to put this transport on the rails, to set it in motion . Another useful property of this train is the presence of a chest . It will be possible to put things here for further transportation.


This add-on replaces minecraft PE trolleys with new trains, the appearance of which leaves a good impression. Since nothing but the texture changes, the craft remains the same .

It is worth noting that they can accommodate not one passenger, but two. This will create a more comfortable environment.


The latest addon that adds new trains to the world of Minecraft PE. This addition, like the previous one, replaces the minecarts model

Reminder: Minecarts can be built from six iron ingots , and rails are from sticks and iron .

However, this addition has one big difference. Namely, several cars connected to each other and having significant dimensions. Also, the archive will contain as many as 4 train models . Each of them will differ, both in their unique properties and in appearance.

Metro trains

The developer of this mod has implemented metro trains of three world cities in Minecraft PE. Moscow, New York and London metro cars are available. You can sit in each of the subway locomotives.

To install the train you will need to install regular rails . Then put a trolley on them, which was replaced by the trains of the famous metro networks.


  • How to open a chest in Lokomotiv?

    You have to sit down and then hover over the locomotive.
  • I have parked the train, but I cannot get on it.

    It is necessary to hover the cursor over the block on which the train was spawned.
  • What if I do not want to remove the chickens, but I want to add an add-on to the locomotive?

    This is not possible because one is being replaced by the other.