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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft for android with working Xbox Live: feel the effect of darkness, use smart new rolling blocks and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft

With the new Minecraft update, the world has become much better! Rolling blocks have appeared, with which you can improve the base.

Along with them, we also added a new dark effect, which will be very annoying for any users!

We also changed the generation of the world – now it is even more consistent with the Java Edition.

Dark Effect

Together with the new version of Minecraft PE, a new dark effect has been added to the game. It is applied to users and mobs that are next to the shriker – a new block.

This effect darkens the player’s screen so that you might not see anything at all!

Together with Varden, in future updates, the darkness will greatly interfere with the user.

Vanilla Experiments

In the Minecraft update, the developers have introduced vanilla experiments into the game.

They can be enabled in the world settings when the world is created.

This mode will allow players to use items such as a goat horn or rolling blocks with full functionality!

New rolling blocks

Also, the developers decided to please players with new rolling blocks in the Minecraft PE update. They appear in the game after activating a special mode when creating a world.

After that, just go to the creative inventory.

Of the added rolling blocks, two of the most useful ones should be highlighted. This is a shriker and a katalist.

The first is capable of imposing the effect of darkness on users, which makes it difficult to move. In future versions, he will also be able to summon Varden.

Catalist is the first XP collector in the game.

If you kill a mob next to it, then the new block will attract experience. In addition, skal-veins will spread in the place of the killed creature.

In future versions, a rolling sensor will also be added, which will be able to send sound signals to the shriker.

Other changes in MCPE

  1. Increased the chances of natural spawning of axolotls in Lush Caves.
  2. Players can again continuously place water, lava, and loose snow by holding down the Place button.
  3. Any vegetation can now be placed on mycelium in Minecraft PE