Download car mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71
Mustang, Lamborghini, Formula 1, Firefighter, CyberTrack

Download car mods for Minecraft PE and arrange high-speed races with your friends!

Top Car Mods for Minecraft PE

There are two ways to travel in Minecraft PE: on foot and on some animals. These methods are not particularly remarkable, which is not the case with these add-ons. Mods add cars to the game. This will allow to navigate much faster .


This mod adds over 10 vehicles to Minecraft PE, among which there are cars. To start them, you need first of all fuel, and then a key . The player will be able to control this car using the buttons. They appear on the right side of the screen.

Ford Mustang

The texture of this model alone makes you want to ride it. And you can do this using using a fishing rod with a carrot .


The perfect solution for lovers of expensive cars in Minecraft PE. Management is also done with a carrot on a fishing rod.

Fire Truck

Now you can not be afraid of fire , since this vehicle will always be nearby.

In addition to the transport itself, the mod also adds a firefighter costume to the game.

Formula 1

It is another fast car in Minecraft PE . Has 2 models, one of which is blue and the other is red . Perfect for competitions.

Funny cars

With this addition, as many as 5 cars of different colors will appear in Minecraft PE. They replace some creatures. It is also worth noting that comes with the transport and the card . Therefore, the player does not have to look for a separate track for racing.

List of replaced mobs for cars:

  • skeleton to green;
  • wither skeleton in blue;
  • zimogor to red;
  • zombie pigs on orange;
  • cadaver to yellow.


One of the the most interesting addons that add cars . It adds a cybertrack to Minecraft PE, which was quite sensational at the time.

It is worth noting that there is a working speedometer inside the vehicle. This is its most important difference from previous modifications.

Corvette C4

The presented mod brings the famous 1967 Corvette C4 to Minecraft PE. This vintage 60s Corvette has a V8 engine that propels the car to 209 km / h. In addition, there are three colors of the car body – blue, green and white.

The machine has a folding soft top, which opens automatically when it rains . There is also a small luggage compartment in Corvette C4.


  • How to get into a fire truck?

    You must first open it with the key, after which the "Drive" button will appear.
  • Why do these mods replace hostile creatures, and not add a new item?

    This is a more difficult process and is not always feasible in older versions.
  • How to manage a cyber truck?

    Everything is very simple here: the controls are identical to those of a horse.