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Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft for android with a working Xbox Live: breed frogs, use rolling blocks and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft

Minecraft update “Caves and Cliffs Part 2” includes many changes related to the regular world.

So, now the world can be below zero, and at the same time the generation of various ores has been changed!

In addition, rolling blocks have appeared, which will be useful to every user.

Along with this, frogs have finally been introduced, with which you can make a slime farm!


In the new Minecraft PE update, the developers of Mojang Studios have added new mobs to the game – frogs.

These creatures can be found in any swamp biome.

They can be propagated in water using seagrass.

This item is temporary, in the future developers will change food for frogs.

After breeding, eggs appear above the water, which after a while hatch into tadpoles.

They, unlike frogs, must necessarily live in water, otherwise they will die.

A tadpole can be picked up with a bucket of water and taken to a snowy or tropical biome.

This will allow the frogs to grow with the new coloration. In the snow biome, it is green, and in the tropical biome, it is white.

Each frog in Minecraft has its own very beautiful animation of movement, and they can also jump very high!

In addition, these creatures feed on small slugs, killing them instantly.

This allows users to create slime farms.

Rolling blocks

Minecraft update brought new rolling blocks to the game.

They will help create traps for various creatures, as well as calmly farm experience!

Shriker knows how to impose the effect of darkness on mobs and monsters.

The sensor can activate a screamer from afar by transmitting sound signals to it.

The Catalist, on the other hand, is able to absorb the spheres of experience, thereby serving as a repository.

Wildlife Mode

The developers in the new Minecraft PE update decided to add a new wildlife mode.

It can be activated in the world creation menu.

This mode will activate all future items, generation and mobs that will appear in MCPE 1.19.

At the moment, from the activated items are rolling blocks and frogs, but with each update the list is expanding!

Other changes in MCPE

Fixed a crash that could occur when the player is near a village.
Fixed a bug due to which the Ender Dragon became invisible when flying to the portal fountain after death.
In Minecraft PE, we fixed some crashes with textures and world generation.