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Download the full version of the Minecraft PE Cave Update with working Xbox Live : create a spyglass to view the area, blooming amethyst, new blocks of melting ore, drop mining, tuff.

What’s new in Minecraft Caves & Cliffs

The beta version adds a lot of new features to the gameplay related to the addition of Mountains and Caves. The main feature is the appearance of unique ores and materials in Minecraft PE For example, improved mechanics for mining blocks of melting ore.

Instead of the usual block, small “drops” or fragments will fall into the user’s inventory. They can be smelted into several high-grade ingots.

The developers of Minecraft PE from Mojang Studios also fixed the global errors of previous versions, fixed some characteristics of mobs and items.


First of all, it is worth noting the appearance of new materials in Minecraft, namely amethyst.


The item can be obtained from a geode. Amethyst forms in one of two forms: amethyst block or kidney-shaped amethyst. An interesting fact is that all amethyst blocks make pleasant sounds when the user walks over them.

Violet Geodes is a new structure in Minecraft PE that can be found underground. Contains Amethyst Blocks and Blooming Amethyst Blocks. Amethyst Geode spawns at a height of 0 to 40 blocks, less often it can be found almost at sea level.

All types of amethyst blocks make interesting sounds when the user walks on them.


In Minecraft, the spyglass is of particular value because it allows you to observe objects from long distances.

The item cannot be found in the vastness of the world, but it can be obtained through crafting. To create a pipe, you will need copper ingots and an amethyst shard.

While using the pipe, the player experiences the same effect that occurs when wearing a carved pumpkin.

Raw Ore

From now on, block mining has completely changed in Minecraft PE Instead of the standard drop of a full-fledged object, small fragments began to drop out. This rule applies to such ores as: gold, copper and iron.

It should be noted that the user still has the ability to smelt materials into ingots. To do this, you need to use an oven.

Such an innovation has been added in order to diversify the contents of the caves, for large accumulations of ores. That is, in Minecraft, more deposits with resources began to be generated.

Rough Ore

Raw versions of blocks have appeared in the game – these are iron, copper and gold. The player can still loot the item using tools, but drops will appear in the inventory instead.

Such a feature in Minecraft PE allows you to control the place in the chests, since the shards are less expensive.


Minecraft tuff is a solid block that can be generated in some mineral veins. To extract tuff, the user needs to use a pickaxe, other tools will not work.

Currently, the block in Minecraft PE is useful only as a decoration and cannot be used in crafting items.


  • Can a shulker box be put into a bag?

    No, but it can contain 16 other bags.
  • How does the texture of copper change when oxidized in Minecraft PE 1.17?

    Copper turns blue
  • Where can I find copper ore?

    It is located at about the same level as iron and coal ores.