Download the year mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.1.0 - 1.20.71

Download the year mod for Minecraft PE : bring the change of seasons and the equipment of a mighty god to the world of the game.

Best Minecraft PE Fashion Years

The wording of the mod year for Minecraft PE has several different meanings. Some people mean by this survival in the face of the changing seasons. Others consider this an opportunity to feel like a mighty god .

From now on, game users will be able to see the semblance of autumn and spring, which was implemented by the mod developers.

In addition, for those who want to get the full invulnerability of the god, there are also modifications. They bring items to the game that will enable everyone to become an omnipotent creator.


We present to you a rather large-scale year of the mod for Minecraft PE, which will add different seasons to the game. Now, when the player appears in the world, there will be a spring with a little snow. Then the weather will begin to warm and gradually a bright sultry summer will come.

Warm days are replaced by cold autumn, which paints the foliage of trees in yellow . Eventually there will be a frosty winter with a lot of snow. All trees will turn white, and the mobs will be almost invisible.

Important: Players will have to procure food in the summer so they don’t starve to death later in the winter.

This is because it is very difficult to get food in the cold season. So the year of the mod brings a lot more realism to the user survival process.

Armor of God

The next year, the mod for Minecraft PE has completely different possibilities. With its help, everyone can become a real god . To do this, you will need to make special armor from bedrock.

Info: You can get the bedrock with the / give command or in the creative inventory.

The armor of the mod protects the wearer from any kind of damage . Wearing a set of armor of the god, you can safely go to battle with the most deadly bosses in the game. Since a user in such equipment will become an invulnerable creator who is not in danger.


  • What is the Fashion Year for Minecraft PE?

    These are additions for the seasons or for the invulnerability of God.
  • What does a player need to successfully survive in winter?

    This will require the preparation of food.
  • What is the armor of the god made of?

    This equipment consists of bedrock.