Download Ant Man mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.12.0 - 1.20.71
Author: Kiritocris55

Download Ant-Man Mods for Minecraft PE , and become smaller than a flower or a real giant!

What do Ant Man Mods for Minecraft PE do?

If you are a fan of superheroes, then the Ant Man mod for MCPE will surely become one of your favorites. You will turn into a superhero from the Marvel Universe.

This mod is based on the movie of the same name, where you will have the opportunity to transform into Ant-Man. Its superpower is that it can shrink to the size of a real ant and more .

When decreasing

Size is unique to the Ant-Man mod, because if you shrink you will be smaller than a flower and grass . Players will begin to move around Minecraft incredibly quickly, which will give hostile mobs big problems.

Despite being quick and dexterous, the disadvantage of being small is weak attacks.

You will have to kill a little more mobs than at normal size, but still no one can catch you.

Tip: Use standard methods to become stronger: powerful weapons and useful potions.

When zoomed in

As you increase, your character’s size will increase by 5 times, as will his damage level and HP. With this size, you don’t even have to use a weapon, because one of your blows is enough for the mob to be gone. You will now be not easy to kill also because of your health level.

Important: this mode has a huge advantage in strength, but in speed you will lose even zombies.


  1. this mod is convertible to an addon (easier to install, no errors);
  2. resizing is done using 2 items (down arrow – decrease, up arrow – increase);
  3. character functions and effects;
  4. HUD.

How to play?

In order for the mod to work fully, you should put on the Ant-Man suit (it will be in the armor tab).

Next, you should find two objects – an arrow down and an arrow up. If you want to decrease, then pick up the down arrow, and if it increases, then up. As long as you hold the item in your hands , the effect will take effect.


The presented mod allows Minecraft PE users to change its size. You can shrink 128 times and enlarge 32 times . To obtain this ability, you will need to buy an Ant-Man costume from the inhabitants.

The more you want to adjust your body size, the more it will cost. For example, a reduction of 128 times costs as much as 128 emeralds.


  • What does the Ant-Man Mod for Minecraft PE do?

    Shrinks or enlarges the player, while giving him various options.
  • How to play?

    In order for the mod to work fully, you must put on the Ant-Man suit (it will be in the armor tab).
  • How to change the size of the character?

    Resizing occurs with the help of 2 items: down arrow - decrease, up arrow - increase.