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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft for android with working Xbox Live: use rolling blocks against your enemies, experience the new Wild Update features and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft

The new Minecraft update brought a lot of changes to the cube world.

For starters, rolling blocks appeared, with which you can create very complex redstone traps against mobs or players.

In addition, the minimum height of the world can now extend to -64.

At the same time, the generation of various ores was changed so that it was profitable to dig in dangerous places.

Wild Update Mode

In the new Minecraft update, the developers added the ability to enable the wild update mode.

This mode will activate future blocks and items that will be added to MCPE 1.19 .

It is included in the world settings when it is created.

At the moment, only rolling pins are available in block mode.

Rolling blocks

Finally, rolling blocks have been added in the Minecraft update!

In total, four blocks with their own abilities appeared in the cube world.

So, rolling screamer in Minecraft is able to impose a new negative effect on players and mobs etc.

The sensor hears any sounds around it and transmits them to the first unit, which is then activated.

The Catalist can gather experience around him and store it. After the player breaks this block, all the orbs that he has accumulated will drop from him.

Rolling blocks will be supplemented in the future and they will have new abilities! So, for example, a screamer in MCPE 1.19 will be able to summon Varden.

Dark Effect

Together with the new version of Minecraft PE, the developers have introduced a new dark effect into the game.

Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it darkens the user’s screen, because of which practically nothing is visible!

It can be obtained by the one who disturbed the rolling screamer.

Other changes in MCPE

  1. Players no longer have problems moving around after reviving or getting out of bed.
  2. Reduced the amount of diamond ore produced to match the Java Edition.
  3. Fixed some crashes and improved performance in Minecraft PE