Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download free Minecraft with Xbox Live support and travel around the cubic world on a camel.

Minecraft PE Beta

The developers of the famous studio Mojang continue to delight us with new updates. This time the new Minecraft saw the light. Together with him, new camel mobs will appear in the game. They also added bamboo, from which bamboo boards are created and much more. In general, the version turned out to be rich and very interesting.


The most important event in Minecraft PE was the camel. This is a new mob that differs from all of its unusual abilities.

The very first thing I want to note is that this is the only mob on which players can sit together. Now you can travel around the world of survival together with your friend.

Camels are also distinguished by their size. The animal is very large and while riding on it, the players are not in danger. Aggressive mobs just can’t reach you.

Location of the camel

Most often you can meet this animal in the sandy biomes of the world of Minecraft Also, a camel can easily wander into the villages of the inhabitants.

Luminous octopus

In the new Minecraft PE, some features have been added to the glowing octopus. Now this mob will glow even on the shore. Previously, when summoning a mob out of water, it stopped emitting light.


Minecraft has a new plant from which you can later make decorative boards. This is bamboo. Players will be able to create various decorative doors, fences, gates and wall plaques.


Another novelty in the square world of Minecraft PE is wall signs. Now players will be able to create from bamboo planks. The plates are distinguished by their variety in the color palette, as well as their spaciousness. They allow you to greatly diversify the familiar interior.


  • How many books fit on Chiseled Bookshelf in MCPE

    Up to 6 books.
  • How can I use mob heads in Minecraft PE

    To play their sounds.
  • How to use Hanging Signs?

    To place information on a building or fence.