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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft for Android with working Xbox Live and check out the fixes for the next hellish update!

What can you see in Minecraft PE

The beta is the prototype for a future hellish update, which will be titled Nether Update .

It will add new mobs and biomes to the game. But for such a major update, a perfectly stable version is needed. To avoid conflict between bugs, Minecraft PE was released.

System crashes

System crashes are the most important thing that can prevent the release of Minecraft PE with hellish update . The Xbox Live account issue has been cleared and there is only one problem with the Xbox One that has been fixed in Minecraft Bedrock Now the game will not give an error when resuming.

The fixes were also in the coordinate system, namely the applicate – axis Z .

Terrain regeneration

Terrain regeneration will be very important in the major Minecraft update Bedrock Editon. This is what the 3 new hell biomes will be based on.

Therefore, in spite of the modern in-game algorithms, it was decided to correct them for error-free operation.

  1. The new beta version of Minecraft has eliminated the incorrect drawing of blocks between dimensions. Most likely this was due to the new biomes, because they will have unique structures and blocks .
  2. It’s been a long time since the underwater update. It was remembered by the fact that the game began to regenerate new buildings , structures and dungeons. The fixes were in the visual form, namely in the internal buildings.
  3. For unknown reasons, the regeneration has messed up navigation in Minecraft Pocket Edition. When a player tried to move to any location using the command / tp @s [x; y; z] , an error occurred. A message was issued that the area was born too far away. The beta version of Minecraft PE corrected this too.


Mojang AB believes that there are no significant bugs in mobs at this stage. The developers make it clear that introducing new mobs from hell will not be difficult.

Based on this situation, subsequent beta versions of the game will deal with minor bugs in the behavior of mobs.

  • Iron Golem animation has gotten more realistic and true animation of movement, relative to the anatomy of this mob. The movement has become closer to mechanical.
  • The indiscriminate regeneration of Marauders all over the world of Minecarft has been stopped. They will only appear on the territory of outposts and their surroundings.
  • In Minecraft PE, mobs such as dolphins, ocelots, parrots and polar bears will be able to fully carry wires on them.

Beta versions will continue to operate in the same area. If the work progresses at the same pace, then the hellish update of the game will not be long in coming.


  • What is the new version of Minecraft The

    beta is the prototype for a future hellish update.
  • Are there any account bugs?

    Xbox Live account issue has been cleared
  • Will there be any major changes in mob behavior?

    Mojang AB believes that there are no significant bugs in the mobs at this stage.