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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Caves update & Cliffs Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and get acquainted with axolotls, shale and deep ore!

What’s new in Minecraft PE

The Mojang studio team has released another version of the Minecraft cave-mountain update This time, the developers decided to please the players with axolotls, shale and deep ores.

It is also worth noting the great work to improve the content of the previous beta editions.


Among all the innovations in Minecraft PE, cute axolotls deserve special attention. The represented creatures live in underground water , and can be caught with a bucket of water. For reproduction of amphibians, tropical fish are required.

Important: Water mobs, when damaged, can pretend to be dead and regenerate health.

In the world of Minecraft there are five types of axolotl color : yellow, brown, pink, white and blue. The latter is the rarest body color of new creatures. Amphibians attack drowned people, ordinary and ancient guardians, octopuses and fish.


In Minecraft PE version, many variations of slate have been added , which is a dark type of stone. The strength of this block is amazing. However, even a wooden pickaxe is suitable for its extraction.

Slate occurs exclusively below the Y = 16 coordinate, and completely replaces the stone starting at Y = -8 . As a result of block mining, crushed shale falls out. This resource is necessary for the manufacture of a huge amount of building materials.

Deep Ore

In addition, has brought deep ore to the generation of Minecraft . The new block variation has a dark texture and doubled durability. Previously unseen ore is found only in shale layers at very low elevations.

Changes in Minecraft

Also, the Mojang studio paid special attention to finalizing the content of previous versions. Changes affected many blocks, items and creatures of the Caves and Cliffs branch. We will only consider the most important improvements to Minecraft PE

  • visibility when swimming in underwater canyons and dungeons;
  • ore generation according to new structure heights;
  • rising water levels in sea caves;
  • crash when creating a jungle biome on the map.


  • Where do axolotls live?

    Amphibians can be found in underground water bodies.
  • Where do shale accumulations occur in the world?

    Deep shale is generated below Y = 16.
  • What is the difference between deep ore Minecraft PE from the usual one?

    It has a dark texture and increased strength.