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Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download full version of Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live on a new branch without a major update due to the fact that there should be practically no errors in large-scale updates. It was this task that the new version set itself.

Minecraft Bedrock – What has been added?

The developers decided to release Minecraft version with fixed bugs and bugs in order to move on towards the Hellish update.

Game menu

In this version of Minecraft, there were no changes to log in to the Xbox Live account. This is because in most cases, login succeeds . Bug fixes were in the description of textures.

When I tried to click on the “ Details ” button, the information did not expand. Also fixed a bug that did not display hints and tips during terrain regeneration.


In terms of animation, there were some changes to Steve’s movement . For example, when the player tries to abruptly get out of the water onto land, the transition animation will be smooth.

Also use the “ shift ” and “ sneak ” buttons in the control settings to make the swimming as much as possible animated . The simultaneous animation of the shield and crossbow has been disabled to reduce the chance of dropping the frame rate per second ( FPS ).


The developers of Mojang decided to devote time to little things and tried to detail the drawing of 3D models blocks in Minecraft to the maximum. In addition to updating the models, there were changes in blocks that fell without support (sand, gravel).

They will not disappear when dropped on activated piston . This entailed a change in the properties of dynamite. TNT will no longer drop when exploded.


A lot of changes have been made to mobs. As you know, Mojang AB even in the MCPE version began introducing new behaviors into mobs. In Minecraft, the conditions for the appearance of iron golems, as well as the speed of their spawn, have changed.

The problem with the appearance of ghasts in peaceful mode has been fixed. Guardians and Ancient Guardians no longer hover in the air when on land. The bug with fish on ice spawning has been fixed.

Although there are many bug fixes, there were also changes to the game’s regeneration system. Thanks to this, the chance of spawning wolves in different biomes has increased.

Skin Editor

Information: Skin editor is a new feature that appeared in Minecraft PE It allows you to modify the classic skin in more than 100 options .

In Minecraft Pocket Edition, there were big changes in the character editor . The new feature has a separate section and many tasks. That is why, work on it is being carried out over several beta versions.

In Minecraft PE version, a bug has been fixed that caused wings to disappear with certain hairstyles . Changed Steve’s model for more stable work in the editor.

Also the editor’s user interface has been tweaked. There you can see the achievements.


  • What about logging into an account?

    In this version of Minecraft, there were no changes to sign in to the Xbox Live account.
  • Why are there so many changes with mobs?

    Mojang AB started introducing new behaviors in mobs back in MCPE
  • What are the changes in the character editor?

    Fixed a bug that caused wings to disappear with certain hairstyles.