Minecraft PE

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Download the free version of Minecraft with Xbox Live support and experiment with the hatching speed of the sniffer egg.

Minecraft Version

In the new Minecraft PE update, the developers from the Mojang studio introduced several memorable innovations. They greatly expanded the survival mode, making the game even more interesting.

New features have appeared, such as the ability to crawl, enjoy unique compositions on music discs, as well as the appearance of sniffer eggs. All these additions give the game world more variety and realism. They also open up the opportunity to enjoy unique gaming features and gain new experience.

Ability to crawl

The game mechanics of the new update Minecraft PE has undergone significant changes. There is an expansion of the possibilities of movement and interaction in the virtual world. An important innovation was the crawl function. It provides a unique opportunity to explore territories that were previously inaccessible.

This is especially useful in survival mode. After all, now the players will be able to detect shelters and slip through narrow passages. Avoid being chased by hostile mobs by sneaking around in such places.

Music discs

In the latest update of the game Minecraft PE, new items appeared – music discs. Each disc has a unique melody.

We invite you to listen to each of the discs and choose the melody that gives you the most pleasant impressions. This will give your survival a completely new, exciting emotions and sensations.

Sniffer Egg

The world of Minecraft PE pleased us with a unique item – a sniffer egg. It can only be found in suspicious sands located in sea dungeons.

One of the features of this rare item was the speed of its hatching. It depends on the type of block the egg is on. If you place an egg on a block of moss, the hatching speed will increase by 2 times!


  • Eggs of which mobs can be found in the Ruins of the Trail?

    In MCPE, this is a Sniffer.
  • What does the Sniffer eat?

  • How does the search in the recipe list work?

    By the first syllables.