Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download the free version of Minecraft with Xbox Live support and create new, rare, music discs from special shards.

What’s new in Minecraft PE

Studio Mojang continues to release a massive, wild update. This time in Minecraft, disk shards, a restoring compass and a mangrove biome were added.

All this made the update very interesting and varied. Also some shortcomings and errors of the previous versions were corrected.

Disc shards

The developers decided to add another record with a unique sound to Minecraft PE But getting it won’t be easy.

To begin with, players will have to find the rarest fragments of the disk. You can find them in chests with treasures of the gloomy depths.

Collect all parts of the disk and recreate it in the workbench. The melody recorded on this disc is very creepy and the atmosphere matches the gloomy depths.

Recovery compass

Another new item that appeared in the game with the release of Minecraft The Restoring Compass will make life easier for all players. For he will lead you to the place of your death.

Now players can easily find the place of their death and collect all the lost resources. This will greatly facilitate your survival in the world of Minecraft PE

And now it is not at all necessary to bother with installing special mods or remembering the exact coordinates.

Mangrove biome

We also decided to add another biome. The mangrove swamps are incredibly beautiful and realistic.

Trees of incredible shapes and sizes are everywhere. Everywhere there are a lot of roots, sprouts, seedlings and of course new dirt.

By the way, you can tamp it down and create an unusual block like a brick right in the world of Minecraft This mud has new features and properties. For example, it sags under the weight of a mob or a player.