Download Minecraft PE 0.15.6

Version 0.15.6 for Андроид
Working Xbox Live.

Download Minecraft 0.15.6 for android : play with new mobs, pistons, observer and VR upgrades.

Changes in Minecraft PE 0.15.6 update

Finally, the Mojang development team has released another release build Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.6. In the new update, the team tried to fill the game as much as possible with with different content and VR optimization.

FACT: For the first time, virtual reality technology appeared only in the Minecraft PE 0.15.0 update.


First of all, it is worth mentioning that the developers were able to add to the game about five types of horses and even two new types of hostile mobs . Below you can read the full list, as well as find out detailed information about them.

Title Description Features Where to look?
Horse The most common horse. Horse armor can be worn. The whole world of the game
Donkey Horse type, can be equipped with a chest. Can carry cargo in a chest. The whole world of the game
Mule Obtained by crossing a horse and a donkey. To do this, feed them a golden apple or carrot. Can carry cargo in a chest. Output yourself
Zombie Horse The kind of horse that is very unfriendly towards the players. Cannot be fitted with anything other than a saddle. Only appears on Halloween
Skeleton Horse The most common, notable for the fact that you can see through it. Cannot be fitted with anything other than a saddle. Only appears on Halloween
Cadaver A subspecies of zombie that spawns with an 80% chance. Also referred to as discard. Does not burn in the sun, but does not know how to break down doors and set up ambushes. Savannah and Desert
Zimogor A subspecies of skeleton that spawns with an 80% chance. Uses arrows with a slowing effect. Taiga


The developers of Minecraft PE 0.15.6 have not forgotten about their promise to introduce pistons into the game. Moreover, in addition to them, another block was introduced – the observer.


Allows to move items touched by their platform. sticky pistons can also be created, which allow you to not only push out, but also pick up some or the block.

FACT: In the Pocket Edition, players may notice a slight change in the pistons – the first part of the piston arm is slightly thicker than the second.

A distinctive function of pistons in Minecraft PE 0.15.6 is that they can also move blocks-entities, such as chests, etc.


Absolutely new block for the entire Minecraft Universe that can be used to catch all changes that happen to the desired block … Thus, you can track, for example, the opening of doors or the destruction of a block.

In order to use the alert, you need to aim the large hole at the required block, and bring red dust to the opposite.

Virtual Reality

Despite its relative high cost, this technology was able to penetrate even Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.6 , where it got new features , as well as various modifications of old errors.

So the game added the ability to use both Oculus Rift glasses and a keyboard with a mouse at the same time.


  • How do I get achievements in the new version of the game?

    Login via Xbox Live and just create a normal world, no cheats and other things.
  • What are the features of pistons in Minecraft PE 0.15.6?

    The player can use them to move not only ordinary blocks, but also blocks-entities, that is, for example, a chest or something else.