Download mods for money for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.13.0 - 1.20.81

Download money mod for Minecraft PE, and you will have your own currency, which you can use as you please!

Coins mod for Minecraft PE

The coin mod is an interesting addition for players who are bored with standard emeralds. With it, you can perform various financial transactions : exchange goods, buy, sell, and so on.

These coins can be part of any economic mod or add-on for MCPE, because they have many advantages over emeralds and their texture looks better than others.

Coins are a new currency in Minecraft PE that is used to trade with villagers or to trade items with other players if you are playing multiplayer. All in all, coins are not the only thing that has been added.

What else is being added?

The game also adds:

  • coins;
  • coin ore;
  • coin block.

By the way, the interesting thing is that now you can get this money instead of emeralds . The Emerald Block is gone, instead there will be another block covered in coins.

Previously, emerald was considered a useless gem, because it could not be made of a sword or armor. It does not consist in crafting most of the items, but is only used to buy goods from the villagers (and even then they rarely buy something from the villagers).

But after this mod, they will be the most frequently used items in Minecraft PE.

You can build a house with coins or whatever, but be careful, anyone can break it and steal your savings.

Tip: If you want to make a lot of money, we recommend that you first go to the mine.

Of course, you can find gold, diamond or silver, but with the addition of this mod, even they will recede into the background. Emeralds have been replaced with these items, so you can easily find coins underground .

Anyway, if you need a new realistic currency, coins are the best option for you!


The mod brings to Minecraft PE dollar bills of four different denominations . Banknotes are available in one, five, ten and thirty US dollars. To create the lowest bill, 8 emerald blocks and one quartz are needed.

Then you can convert 5 banknotes of 1 dollar to one five dollar bill. And so on increasing to the par value of 30 bucks.