Download food mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.13.0 - 1.20.71
Author: JEBR_Gaming & CodanRaigenXXI

Download food mods for Minecraft PE: a huge variety of food will greatly improve your diet in survival mode.

Mod for adding food for Minecraft PE

Minecraft Pocket Edition is now even more diverse and you have more food choices .

You don’t have to eat simple steaks, cakes, fish, apples and other primitive food every time, because the game will add more than 50 options food and they all have 3D model.

All food has nice icons and real names, as well as crafting recipes. This is truly the best mod for diversifying your kitchen table.

Advantages of this mod

  1. the new food does not repeat the standard one (the same apples that exist in the original 1 each, but in the mod 3);
  2. all food has a 3D structure;
  3. the mod is over 50 food variations (Asian and American);
  4. some foods can give you the same effects as standard foods.

List of Asian food:

  • Unagi nigiri;
  • Maguro nigiri;
  • Ikura Gunkan Maki;
  • Uni gunkan maki;
  • Fugu nigiri;
  • Temaki;
  • Onigiri;
  • Tako nigiri;
  • California roll;
  • Maguro Maki.

List of American Food Products:

  • Cookies;
  • Pudding;
  • Chocolate cake;
  • Gingerbread house;
  • Boiled beef;
  • Boiled chicken;
  • Boiled lamb;
  • Cooked pork;
  • Boiled rabbit;
  • Sponge cake;
  • Jelly (green);
  • Citrus cake;
  • Cake.

All of these dishes are prepared in different ways. That is, you will have several types of baked goods, for example. Another nice note is the amount of food.

Food is practically unlimited , so you can eat a variety of your favorite foods. You can see and get any type of food in your creative inventory.

This mod adds a lot of cool and varied food to Minecraft PE, but unfortunately it cannot be eaten in this form.

Important: You will have to click on a food to make the mobs replaced by this food die. After that, they will drop the corresponding food, but already in the usual Minecraft PE form.

P.S .: Nothing prevents you from using it as a decoration. For Minecraft serials, that’s it.


The presented mod adds to Minecraft PE food from McDonald’s fast food restaurant . The add-on includes fillet o fish, fries, hamburger and more. Absolutely all food for the addon can be created in survival mode.

For example, to make a big mac, you need 6 loaves of bread and 3 steaks. Fillet fish consists of three salmon fish and six units of bread.