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Version MCPE for Android
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Download for free the full version of Hellish Minecraft Update on Android with a working Xbox Live and play in the new Nether!
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Minecraft PE – What’s Changed?

The developers from Mojang Studios have released the next version of the Hell update. In Minecraft, players can meet new mobs and visit various locations in the Nether World.

Cruel Piglin

As you know, Minecraft Nether Update brought to Hell such a structure as the ruins of a bastion . This structure contains a large number of chests with valuable items. However, getting them is not so easy, because a cruel piglin will prevent this. The cruel piglin is much tougher than the regular one.

He is not distracted by gold and uses a golden ax as a weapon. At the same time, the cruel piglin has the largest number of hearts among all the inhabitants of the Downworld in Minecraft PE

Remains of the bastion

As noted earlier, in Minecraft in the Nether you can find remains of the bastion . Although it is huge in size, this structure is easy enough to overlook.

And the thing is that the remains of the bastion can be generated underground. In addition to the cruel piglins, hoglins and common piglins also live here.

Only in the remains of the bastion can you find the Pigstep CD and the Piglin Piglet Banner.

Gilded Blackstone

From now on, gold can be mined in the Hellish World in Minecraft PE To do this, you need to find a gilded black stone. You can get it with any pickaxe. In this case, from two to five pieces of gold fall out. Nine pieces of gold can be combined into a solid ingot.


As you know, with the release of the Infernal Renewal, diamond ceased to be the most durable material. Its place in Minecraft was taken by the netherite. This is a new alloy in the game, things from which do not burn in lava or fire.

Netherite Mining

However, to obtain such a durable material in MCPE, you first need to go down to Hell and get ancient ruin ore . After that, it needs to be melted down to obtain netherite scrap. And already from eight ingots of gold and the same amount of netherite scrap, you can get an ingot of netherite.

Interesting: Netherite ingot is the first glory in Minecraft PE and an ingot that does not exist in the regular world.


  • How to quickly find the remains of a bastion in Minecraft PE

    Using the / locate bastionremnant command.
  • How do I get nether items?

    You need to connect a diamond thing with a netherite ingot.
  • How many lives do cruel piglins have in Minecraft PE 1.16?

    25 hearts.