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Minecraft PE 1.5.1 – What’s New?

The release of Minecraft 1.5.1 introduced previously unseen mobs, objects, and also a certain analogue of the familiar beacon appeared in the game.


Creatures are the most affected by this update. In Minecraft PE 1.5.1, the developers from Mojang added a drowned man and a turtle .

Drowned Man

These are sunken zombies, which eventually turned into the so-called drowned ones. They roam the seabed and are not averse to hunt after you at night .

You should especially be wary of this mob with a trident: he can throw it at you . This weapon drops out with a very small chance, and also comes across a nautilus shell or an ingot of gold.

The shell is used to craft a sea guide.


Another mob that was added in Minecraft PE 1.5.1 is the turtle. It is a harmless creature living near water bodies .

If they are fed with algae, they can they can lay eggs , after which hatch the shield will fall out.

TIP: You need to fence off the masonry with something, as hostile creatures are always ready to break them.

Numerous changes in Minecraft 1.5.1 have suffered and other mobs. For example, you can now ride a skeleton horse underwater.

Dolphins will now show you a sunken ship or sea ruins if fed with salmon or raw tropical fish.

Blocks and items

Sea guide, shield, shell, turtle power potion – all this you can see in Minecraft PE 1.5.1.

The shell gives the effect of underwater breathing for 10 seconds from the moment it is immersed in water, and the potion, in turn, imposes resistance, but at the same time, slows down.

The blue ice has also become more slippery, allowing you to run faster on it.

Bubble pillars

This is the latest innovation in Minecraft 1.5.1. The bubbles will help you replenish your oxygen stores and prevent you from drowning.

TIP: By placing some magma blocks near the shore, you can make a kind of fish farm.


  • Can a bubble column pull in a boat player?

    Yes, maybe that's why you should be careful.
  • What will fall from turtle eggs if they are broken?

    Nothing. They only drop the shield when the turtle hatches.
  • What does the sea guide give?

    The effect of the power of the sea, allowing you to see and breathe underwater.