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Version MCPE for Android
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Download the full version of Hell and Mountain update Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live!
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What’s new in Minecraft PE

Developers from Mojang Studios have released another Cave & Cliffs. In MCPE, there are many innovations that have quite changed the underworld. For example, now the user can mine a new material – copper.


New material in Minecraft, which can be obtained by smelting copper ore . And this ore is generated at about the same height as iron ores. From the obtained copper ingot, you can make various copper objects or blocks.

Copper blocks have oxidation property . This means that with prolonged exposure to air, the oxidation process will begin. And the player will be able to see how the color of the block changes to turquoise green.

Four copper ingots must be used to create one copper block.


The Minecraft PE update will especially appeal to the builders of various mechanisms. After all, there are now cheekbones here. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they can register any vibration in the vicinity. Vibrations can be caused by player movement.

When registering any vibration, the zygomatic block in Minecraft gives a redstone signal. This block is active only for two seconds. After that, it goes out. It is also worth noting that the zygomatic block has an interesting vibration registration animation.

Stalactites and stalagmites

Now in the caves in Minecraft, new dangers await the user in the form of stalactites and stalagmites . Stalactites appear on the ceilings of caves and can fall on the player at any time. This can lead to instant death.

And stalagmites, on the contrary, appear on the ground. If they are not noticed, then you can easily fall, which will also most likely lead to death. Therefore, from now on, the user should be careful in the underworld.

Lightning rod

New item in Minecraft PE You can get a lightning rod using three copper ingots . After that, you need to install this item on any block.

Thus, during a thunderstorm, all strikes within a radius of 64 blocks will be attracted by a lightning rod. When lightning strikes a lightning rod, it sends a redstone signal.


  • Can the oxidation process be stopped?

    Yes, it is necessary to connect a copper block with a honeycomb.
  • How to get a cheekbone block in Minecraft PE

    At the moment it is only available in Creative mode.
  • What is the lightning rod for?

    It can be used to prevent fires caused by lightning striking trees.