Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download Minecraft on android with a working Xbox Live and store your most treasured books on the updated bookshelves.

What’s new in Minecraft

The developers of the well-known and beloved studio Mojang continue to delight us with their new products. This time, another Minecraft PE update has been released.

Many new mobs have been added to the game, such as camels. Also changed the functionality of bookshelves and tablets. All this betrayed the game even more realism and improved the gameplay.


With the release of the new Minecraft, a new mob was added to the game – a camel. Most often, the mob can be found in sandy biomes near settlements.

The animal is quite friendly, players can even saddle a camel and ride it.

The main advantage of such trips will be that hostile mobs, such as zombies, will not be able to attack you. After all, the camel is quite massive and the enemy simply will not be able to reach the player.

It is also worth noting that at the moment the camel is the only mob that can withstand more than 1 character on itself. Thus, you can go on a journey through the cubic world riding a camel with your friends.


In the released Minecraft PE update, the developers decided to add bamboo to us. From it, players will be able to create decorative boards. And those, in turn, will help you a lot in creating new interior items.


We have added a new type of plates, making them hinged. They are created from the previously mentioned bamboo, or rather bamboo boards. With the help of hanging plates, players will be able to decorate the walls of their homes in the cubic world of Minecraft, as well as save space.


With the release of the new Minecraft PE, players will be able to take advantage of the new functionality of the bookshelves. Previously, this item carried only a decorative element. Now players will be able to fully place all the valuable books on the shelves.


  • How many books fit on Chiseled Bookshelf in MCPE

    Up to 6 books.
  • How can I use mob heads in Minecraft PE

    To play their sounds.
  • How to use Hanging Signs?

    To place information on a building or fence.