Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download Minecraft PE for free on your phone Paths and Tales: use the Sniffer to find seeds, visit a pink wood grove and create a calibrated sensor!

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

The game world continues to improve with the Trails and Tales update. Mojang gives players more options: Minecraft PE players can find rare seeds with Sniffer, decorate their armor, explore different biomes, create the necessary things from the found items and much more.

Cherry grove

Some players have already appreciated the Cherry Grove biome, which has a lot of valuable resources. Of course, first of all it is precious wood. It has a beautiful texture and is suitable for making various items, as well as for construction. Players can make ladders, fences, boats, and even hanging signs out of this material.

By the way, Minecraft users can also collect petals that fall from flowering trees and create pink dye from them.

Ruins of the Path

Treasure seekers should definitely head to the Trail Ruins. The structure is interesting because it is where Minecraft PE user can find Sniffer’s egg. Usually it lies under a layer of suspicious gravel. There are also many templates for armor customization hidden here.

Calibrated sensors

For those who want to install something like an alarm system at home, there are special blocks in MCPE – rock sensors. They are able to pick up even small vibrations. Their unusual variety, calibrated blocks, can receive signals of various frequencies.

By the way, Minecraft players can create such a block on their own using a regular rock sensor and amethyst.


Many people want torch flower seeds and pitcher seeds in the game world. This can only be done thanks to the Sniffer. The unique mob uses its sense of smell to dig up rare seeds. If a Minecraft PE player is lucky enough to find the egg of this creature, he needs to put it on the moss. In this case, the baby will hatch in just ten minutes.