Download weapon mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71
DesnoGuns, Lasers, XM Guns

Download weapon mods for Minecraft PE and add new colors to your survival by shooting all hostile mobs!

Top Weapon Mods

Almost from the very first version of Minecraft PE, it had only 2 tools for fighting. One is a sword and the other is a bow. And only recently has a trident appeared. However, with each new creature in the game, it becomes harder to survive, and the weapons do not change. It is this problem that these modifications will solve by adding to the game a large number of weapons, armor and much more.


The well-known Desnoguns mod for Minecraft PE. He adds not only weapons, but armor, grenades and even binoculars . All of these new items can be found in creative mode in the inventory. The advantage of this Desnogan modification is its extremely good optimization and almost no crashes .

Although the mod is free, 4 weapons are not available because you need to buy the full version. Unfortunately, there were also binoculars among them.

It should be understood that the mod has not been updated for a long time, therefore there may be crashes on newer versions Minecraft PE. Here you can download the latest version of the Desnoguns weapon mod, taken directly from the official website.


This weapon addon adds 3 lasers to the game . Each of them has its own characteristics in Minecraft PE. For example, you can dig mines with a red laser. And the orange laser will help the player set something on fire. Blue, in turn, will happily undermine something. Due to some peculiarities of this mod, should be crouched for shooting .

Since these new items are not in the inventory, it is recommended to issue everything using the command. After entering / give @s factorycraft: a list of items will appear.

XM Guns

Can be called a complete replacement for DesnoGuns. This modification adds armor, grenades and even flying swords to Minecraft PE. The table shows only a small part of the capabilities of XM Guns. The rest of the are recommended to read by downloading the mod .

Title Description
Flame Gun Has an infinite number of rounds. It will help to set fire to everything that just comes to hand.
Three-dimensional motor device True replacement for Ender pearls. Throws over long distances.
AWM Has the ability to zoom in with squatting. Kills many creatures with one shot.
Fly Sword The name speaks for itself. These swords can be thrown in any direction.
Parachute If you fall, just pick it up and land smoothly.
Peace Dove More like an Easter egg than a weapon. When hit, a picture of a bird appears, and then disappears.

Crazy Weapons

In this mod for Minecraft PE, a lot of crazy weapons are implemented. The add-on brings to the game over 25 types of weapons that are suitable for survival. New swords and various guns are waiting for you.

For example, an ice sword deals 6 damage and freezes enemies. An explosive desiccate cannon shoots out the wieser’s heads, and a burning wand sets enemies on fire.


  • How can I get the full version of DesnoGuns?

    Download the mod, then go into the game and select the binoculars. A window will appear with a purchase offer and a link to the Play Market.
  • Why lasers and XM Guns do not work in Minecraft PE?

    Experimental game mode must be turned on.
  • Can I somehow get lasers in survival mode without cheats?

    Yes, first you have to make the iron plate from which the cable is made. Then, with the help of all this and redstone, you need to create a microcircuit. And after that, recipes for different lasers will be shown.