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Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Minecraft for Android with working Xbox Live and meet the new Ender Fortress and its guardian – the Ender Dragon!

Minecraft Pocket Edition – What are the changes?

Ender Update ” helped Minecraft PE players to diversify their adventures. In addition to new bosses, new buildings, plants, islands are generated in the Land . For the error-free operation of the innovations, this update has been released.

Info: Minecraft PE is part of the 1.0.6 beta. The official name is considered to be Alpha 1.0.6 build 1.

The main task of the update is considered to be the completion, modification and addition of previous builds.


An unexpected innovation is a new map with a redstone mansion has been added to the “Worlds” section . It can be found in the Minecraft store PE

The change is minor, but it is still the first steps towards a major replenishment of the shopping section.


Minecraft Pocket Edition finally got rid of in-game logs with changes . This means that users can view changes only for the installed version .

Tip: To review the fixes in previous versions, you should visit the official site of Mojang – Minecraft Feedback.

Changes have also been made to the slime block. The jump range has been set to the correct values, resulting in the player flying to an acceptable height .


  • Resource bundle import crash resolved. When the user tried to change the location of the file, the game gave an error;
  • the “ cancel ” button in the store will work even without internet access;
  • arrows fired from the ejector will fly just in front of this block;
  • French Mash-Up 2016 texture issues will be fixed in future updates.


  • What changes does the new version bring?

    The main task is considered to be the revision, change and addition of the previous version.
  • Where did the information disappear with changes in other versions?

    In Minecraft Pocket Edition, we finally got rid of the in-game magazines with changes.
  • What is one of the most important fixes?

    One of the major fixes was a crash when importing a resource bundle.