Download mods for ships for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download ship mods for Minecraft PE and travel both by sea and by air!

What do these mods add?

Many players are familiar with the situation in which they had to travel long distances. Most often, this takes a long time and can be the reason for the loss of interest in survival.

These add-ons will solve this problem and will definitely not let you get bored by adding ships of all types and sizes.

Fast boat

The simplest in functionality add-on in Minecraft PE. You just need to put a mine cart in the water, after which the player will be automatically teleported into it. It is also worth noting the rather fast speed of this boat .


Ships are not only water, but also air. This option is ideal for those who have to travel beyond the oceans. For to work, you must fill up with fuel , which replaces the snowball. With the help of an iron sword, control is made.

This mod is also good because the airship is together with the chest. This will allow not only to move around the world of Minecraft PE, but also to transport things.


Another new type of ships in Minecraft PE is space. Has an unusual texture. The downside of this aircraft is that it requires constant refueling, but it adds realism . is controlled using a fishing rod with a carrot .


This ship can both navigate the sea and fly through the air in Minecraft PE. Very easy to control, which is using the steering wheel, which is actually a fishing rod with a carrot .

TIP: Do not tap on this ship with the helm, because you can accidentally turn on the free flight mode, after which the ship fly away in any direction .

You can lower this sailboat by throwing a snowball at it.

Ancient ships

The presented mod brings two antique ships to Minecraft PE. One of them is large in size, while the other is rather modest. Each of them can be controlled quite simply by the player. Also both boats have crafting recipes for survival mode .

Important: The add-on is capable of functioning in Realms multiplayer mode.

A large ship can accommodate 5 people and has 26 inventory slots . The small boat is only suitable for 3 sailors and has 6 seats in the luggage compartment.


  • Can you shoot from these ships?

    The ships themselves have nothing to shoot, but you can shoot from a bow.
  • How to open a chest in an airship?

    You need to sit down and then hover over the airship itself.
  • How to install the mod on a fast boat?

    Since it is in the old format, you need BlockLauncher for it to work.