Minecraft PE 1.19.30

Version 1.19.30 for Android
Wild Update

Download Minecraft 1.19.30 for Android free with a working Xbox Live and try the possibilities of the viewer mode, which will allow you to watch the gameplay.

Minecraft 1.19.30 Wild Update

In this version of Minecraft 1.19.30, critical bugs have been fixed that greatly affected the entire gameplay. Now players can safely delete local worlds. Also, if there is enough storage space, users will not be bothered by an erroneous message that the storage is full.

Also, loading worlds with applied textures will occur in a stable mode.


Several months have passed since the appearance of this mob in the cubic world, and during this time it has managed to gain many fans among users. Indeed, this kind of creature can not only entertain the player with its dance but also be useful during travel or construction work.

Minecraft 1.19.30 fixed an issue where it got stuck in incomplete blocks and low-hanging items. He also continues to pass items to the hero even while in the boat. And if the scaffolding has fallen for some reason, he will help to lift them.

Ancient City

It is no secret that in this interesting location, players can find a lot of useful things, resources, and even treasures. Of course, sometimes some failures are promptly corrected by developers.

This time Minecraft 1.19.30 fixed a bug with opening the door to the secret room. But the heroes should be careful when exploring this location because there are also dangers there. A meeting with a creepy monster can happen at any moment.


The unique blocks that players can see in Deep Dark, as well as in Ancient City, can not only be useful for the player but also discover him. Then a meeting with Warden will become inevitable.

Thus, in Minecraft 1.19.30, the animation sound for the Sculk Catalyst has been added, and the Sculk Sensor will not detect a boat that is in the water.


  • What abilities did Allay get in MCPE 1.19.30?

    He can pick up and drop items at their owner when in a Boat.
  • What happens to Allay if he hears music in Minecraft PE 1.19.30?

    He starts dancing.
  • How can players find the Ancient City?

    Abandoned treasures.